Services for Colleges & Universites

There are many fine consultants — architects, planners, fundraisers — that a college can hire once it has decided that a building or a physical plan is what it truly needs. What is really needed, however, by campuses is Integrated Strategic Planning, linking academic, facilities and capital planning. This  comprehensive planning process led by a trusted advisor to the campus who can be called upon whenever needed to help the campus define their destination, chart the path to get there, and then to keep them on track over the years.  The ALPHA Group's desire is to be of advice and counsel to campuses to achieve the mission that its leadership has placed uniquely before them… through the best stewardship of their time, skills, and perceptions and by gaining the highest and best value of their assets for the long term.


The ALPHA Group serves by focusing on the institution and its goals and needs, not just on the "project." The best, most informed advice links the professional expertise of a highly experienced counselor with the on-board knowledge of a senior staff member, to offer informed, candid and critical advice for the benefit of the campus — long term. We desire to be on call on a continual basis, to leverage the knowledge and efforts expended by the campus, so they do not have to start over again with a new team each time advice or planning is needed.

Included below are some of the services we offer to colleges and universities:


•  Facilities Programming


•  Capital Program Management and Development


•  Program Analysis


•  Lender Assistance Resource


•  Asset Assessment and Development-Human and Physical


•  Asset Disposition


•  Collateral Project Development


•  Integrated Academic/ Physical/ Capital Planning


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss how we could help your college or university clarify and realize its unique vision.