Services for Communities & Civic Organizations

From the complexity of master planning the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, to the planning and development of major institutions internationally, to helping small towns re-vision and restructure to meet their citizens’ goals, The ALPHA Group’s principals have delivered success in a wide variety of situations and circumstances.


Our experience has shown us that success for communities and civic organizations is not simply defined by the amount of resources involved or by looking only at quantifiable results.  Rather, success is measured by the impact these organizations make upon their surrounding communities, encouraging citizens to take pride in and participate in a shared vision for community that fosters smart growth and continued revitalization.  The true measure of their success then, is the extent to which these organizations can inspire, motivate, and build momentum within their own communities, serving as a catalyst for ongoing growth and development.


To this end, The ALPHA Group serves by focusing not just on the "project" at hand, but rather on how an organization's actions will serve to tap into, meet the needs of, and energize the broader community.  Our desire is to leverage our knowledge and expertise in vision based planning by offering informed and candid advice that will benefit the organizations we serve and their surrounding communities for the long term. 


Included below are some of the services we offer to communities and civic organizations:


•  Financial Monitoring / Program Development


•  Programming / Master Planning


•  Design Planning for Public / Private / Commercial / Residential /



•  Capital Program Management and Development


•  Transitional Planning


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss how we could help your community or civic organization clarify and realize its unique vision.